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There is a certain level of pain involved in growth.

Yes, I said it — pain.

In early stage start-ups there are no “rules” per se. Things like IF x THEN Y. Repeat. Ha, I wish things were that easy.

I lead the customer development efforts at our start-up and every day brings a new challenge.

For example, one day you crush one vertical with one approach only to find out that approach doesn’t work with another vertical. You find out that mornings work better for one group of people, but late nights work best for other groups. Everyday brings a certain level of headache.

You didn’t think start-up life would be easy, did you?

Despite challenges and obstacles you have to decide that you want to overcome. You have to choose to win. You have to feel that loosing is not an option.

Here’s how to accomplish that: push, then push harder, harder, harder, harder, HARDER.

When you want to grow except a certain level of discomfort. It could be a mix of emotional and intellectual pain. It’s the feeling of figuring out why you can’t figure it out. It’s those nights where you can’t sleep because you want to do things faster and more effective. Start-up life ain’t no joke.

So why am I saying all of this?

I’m writing to let you know that if you’re serious about growth this year expect a little pain and discomfort.

Growing pains are part of start-up life…and life in general.

Don’t be scared. Toughen up. It’s OK to feel a bit overwhelmed. It’s means your doing something right.