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Hello everyone and welcome to the new! After a full 9 months of design and development, we've completed a full redesign of our past site, and it feels so good to say we are live.

We're particularly excited for all the new content, layout, and the projects we'll be showcasing. It's been almost a full year since we last updated our website, and as you read in our last post, a lot has happened since then.

Bridge had become much more than a design company and we needed our website to more accurately represent the recent expansion within Bridge and it's new product offering.

The New Create the Bridge

There's been several changes within Bridge, but our most apparent has been the change within our product offering. Our positioning as a company has shifted from a design house to a digital company.

Leveraging technology as a center piece, we've developed our service and product in such a way that'll have the best ROI for our clients. This gives us the ability to take a client's business or idea and take it through every step of the development process, from design & development, product launch, and on-going marketing.

Our New Blog

In the past, we launched as our blogging platform that was used to keep our audience updated with our company. But what we noticed was that we need two blogs, one to address our target market and another to address our colleagues and peers.

From now on, the purpose for Bits and Bolts will pivot and be to address our colleagues and peers on company updates and on content that is valuable to them.

The blog, on this website will be used to address our target market.

So stay tuned as we'll write more on technology and how it's changing the way we do business.